Uber Expands Its Audio Recording Feature To Kenya


Uber is officially expanding its Audio Recording feature to the Kenyan market. In a statement, Uber claims the new feature will assist to improve on both driver and rider safety.

Uber much like any other transportation company has had its fair share of “problems”.

Back in 2016 when Uber was first launched, criminal gangs attacked both divers and passengers in what can only be described as “barbaric attacks”.

“That’s why we designed our new audio recording feature, which will allow you to record trip audio and share it with the Uber Support team in the event of a safety incident. This feature will be launching soon, adding to our strong safety toolkit, and has been built taking your peace of mind into consideration,” said Uber in a statement.

So far, Uber has released its Audio Recording in South Africa with over 3,400 drivers and 80,000 riders using the feature.

How it works

The new feature lets both driver and passenger to record and share audio of your trips directly through the safety toolkit.

Furthermore, to prioritize user data safety and privacy, the audio recording will be encrypted before being stored on your device. Neither you nor anyone else will be able to listen to the recording while stored on your device. Moreover, Uber’s Support team will only have access to the recording if you choose to share it when reporting a safety incident.

How to use the audio recording feature

  • Set up the feature by tapping the shield icon located on the map. Once it’s set up, riders will see in their app that audio may be recorded on their trip.
  • Record audio on a trip by opening your safety toolkit and using the start or stop buttons near Record Audio to start or stop recording.

Uber is a ride-sharing company that hires independent contractors as drivers and allows passengers to hail a ride and drivers to charge fare and get paid.

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