Google is Adding eSignature Support to Google Docs and Drive

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Google is introducing eSignature support for users to request signatures and sign documents directly in Google Docs and Drive. The feature is currently in beta for Google Workspace Individual users. This beta launch comes after the feature has been in alpha testing for over a year. Additionally, eSignature support will also be available in beta for select Workspace customers in the coming weeks.

eSignatures offer various benefits as opposed to traditional signatures. They offer flexibility as you can sign any contract, customer agreement or any other binding document remotely as well as help speed up workflows.

Previously, users relied on other software and applications to use this feature while working on contracts and other documents that required signatures. Google offering this integration directly in Drive and Docs will reduce the hassle and somewhat tedious process of switching between applications and tabs while working on documents with other parties, once the feature eventually rolls out. In addition to requesting signatures, users can track the status of pending signatures as well as find completed contracts.

Google eSignature. Source: Google

In a blog post, Google has announced it will be adding new feature updates to eSignature later this year. This will include the ability to request a signature from more than one user as well as request a signature from a non-Gmail user.

Select Google Workspace editions admins’ can apply for the Beta using this form. Google has stated eSignature will be available as part of a larger Beta which includes access to new custom email layouts in Gmail. Once signed up for the Beta, you’ll see the eSignature and new Gmail features in the coming weeks.

There is no communication on if or when the feature will be extended to Google personal accounts.

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