Domain Lifecycle For .KE : Here’s ALL You Must Know

.KE Domain Lifecycle registration to deletion

The .KE domain lifecycle begins at Registration and ends at Deletion. Kenya Network Information Centre (KeNIC) is the Registry whose core mandate is to manage and administer a secure and reliable .KE domain.

.KE domain names are Registered through KeNIC accredited Registrars. KeNIC’s .KE domains extensions are:,,,,,,,,

Accredited Registrars buy domain names from KeNIC (the Registry) and sell to end user’s (Registrant). End user’s purchase a domain name in order to create a website or have customized email addresses. In most occasions, it if for both.

It is important for end users to understand the entire proces .KE domains lifecycle.

1. Domain name is Registered or Renewed

.KE domain names are Registered for a period of 1 to 5 years as a subscription. Hence, it is a requirement that the subscription is renewed upon expiry of the subscription. This is usually one year.

2. Domain Name Expiry and Renewal Grace Period

Once a domain name is registered or renewed, the subscription runs for a period of 1 year. This is from the date of registration or renewal.

Failure to renew after the subscription period lapses leads to the Expiry Phase. After another 14 days pass, the domain is automatically suspended.

This marks the beginning of the Renewal Grace period. This periods usually lasts for 90 days. During the grace period, a Registrant may use a Registrar to renew their domain name. In this phase, significant services associated with the domain are not available.

For instance,the website and all emails associated with the suspended domain will no longer be available. Moreover, DNS server of the domain name will no longer be available.

In the event that the Registrar requests a renewal for the end user, the Registry (KeNIC) will perform a restoration.

3. Domain Lifecycle at Pending Delete Status

The Pending Delete (Pending Purge) status comes in 80 days after expiry of .KE domain name.

At the end of Renewal Grace Period, the domain name is under pending delete status for 10 days. This is the Pending Purge phase, which runs for 10 days.

At this stage, the end user can still renew their domain name through the Registrar who will request KeNIC to do restoration.

Infographic Courtesy of KeNIC

4. Redemption Period Ends, Next is Deletion

91 days after expiration, the Redemption Period ends, the Domain name is Deleted and made available for Registration.

Once deleted the Registry makes the domain name to the public. End users can purchase the domain on a “First come First serve basis”.

In short, you have upto 90 days to claim your .KE domain name after the subscription lapses.

Stay aware of the domain lifecycle so that you will always have control over your domain and make informed decisions.

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