KeNIC Slashes 3rd Level Domain Renewal Fees by Half in Drive to Gain Additional Customers


The Kenya National Information Centre (KeNIC) has announced some exciting development to groups that want to renew their 3rd level domains (excluding .KE). The development is in the form of a price reduction, which is promotional. The campaign started on January 1, and will stretch all the way to March 31, 2020.

The price cut is preceded by a domain deletion survey that was conducted in April 2019 that sought to determine the causes for high domain deletions. Predictably, it was found out that renewal prices were high.

To this end, KeNIC has taken steps to address the complaints with the aforementioned promotion that will see users pay much less for the renewal of the mentioned domains.

For the three-month period, customers will renew their domains at half the usual price offered to them by domain registrars.

KeNIC says that the period will also mark as another assessment segment, for which the institution will examine the market response to the price cut. The outcome will also help the firm formulate a new pricing model, among other strategic decisions in order to appeal to issues that were raised last year and this time round.

“It is our hope that we shall work together towards the growth of the .ke domain registrations and achieve higher customer retention rate,” says KeNIC in a statement.

It should, however, be noted that the price adjustment does not change the terms and conditions of the exercise: that the slash will only be in effect for 3rd level domains and that the offer is only available to all KeNIC licensed registrars.