KeNIC Acknowledges .ke Connectivity Problems, Promises Fix


Today, a number of people have complained about connectivity problems relating to domains which has been confirmed by KeNIC (Kenya Network Information Center).

We reached out to KeNIC and they acknowledged that they have DNS problems that they are currently working to resolve and will communicate when they are successful. On Twitter, KENIC posted this notice about the connectivity problems.

“Good morning, We would like to notify you of intermittent connectivity to KENICs Network. Our Technical team is working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We will keep you updated as soon as the issue is resolved. Regards.”

KeNIC has the license to manage and administer the dot ke top level domain in Kenya as well as second and third level domains via appointed registrars.

It is not clear whether the affected domains are limited to the domain or affect the other third level domains that are available.

As per the latest Communications Authority repot, There are a total of 95,101 .ke domains in Kenya of which 90,494 (95.2%) use the domain. That is the majority and this is a big problem for companies if their website has DNS resolving issues that could deter their customers from accessing their services.

The issue has been resolved, as repoted by KeNIC.