X / Twitter Will Soon Support Video and Audio Calls

Twitter Verified

X / Twitter users will soon have the ability to make and receive both audio and video calls on the platform. According to the site’s owner, Elon Musk, the calls will be supported across all major platforms including iOS, Android, Mac and PC.

While announcing this development, Elon Musk said phone numbers would not be required to use the feature. In a post on X, he wrote, “X is the effective global address book.”

With no phone number required, this feature will be helpful to users who may not like the idea of sharing their contact information. According to recent hints from X staff, the call feature has been in testing for a while. X/Twitter is yet to release more details about the feature, we can only wait to see the security measures in place to prevent abuse and harassment.

This development together with recent changes on the platform is a move closer to what Musk terms as “making X the everything app”. This includes new and revamped features such as live videos on the platform which the company has said working on to make it more “discoverable” on the feed.

Recent changes on the site have drawn mixed reactions and even prompted other applications to come up and compete with X. The call feature however will likely appeal to most users and further cement X as the top text–based social media platform.

Other notable features coming to X include the ability to swipe to reply to messages (now live on both Android and iOS), new ways to reorder pinned tweets (now called “posts”) as well as a Verified followers tab which is currently available on iOS.

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