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X will Reintroduce Article Headlines in Posts

X, formerly known as Twitter, is making yet another change to how posts appear on the timeline. This time, the social media platform is...
Twitter inactive accounts

X Might Start Charging New, Unverified Users an Annual Fee

X, formerly called Twitter, might soon start charging new and unverified users for them to access some key features on the platform. According to...
xAI to use Twitter data to train Ai

X to Stop Showing Article Headlines

X (formerly known as Twitter) is removing headlines and descriptions on articles shared on the platform in what the site's owner, Elon Musk, believes...
Twitter Verified

X / Twitter Will Soon Support Video and Audio Calls

X / Twitter users will soon have the ability to make and receive both audio and video calls on the platform. According to the...

Google Seeking Telco Partners for Full Project Loon Roll-Out in Kenya

X, a research and development company mothered by Google and prides itself of pioneering internet balloons famously known as Project Loon is seeking partnership...

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