Meta Rolls Out Messenger Parental Controls Globally


Tech giant, Meta has announced a global rollout of new parental supervision tools on Messenger. These tools were initially launched in the US, UK and Canada in June. The new parental controls will allow parents to see how teens spend their time and who they interact with on Messenger

Parents and guardians can access Messenger Parental Supervision tools through the Meta Family Centre. Specifically, these new supervision tools will allow them to:

  • View how much time their teen spends on Messenger
  • View and receive updates on their teen’s Messenger contacts list, as well as their teen’s privacy and safety settings
  • Get notified if their teen reports someone (if the teen chooses to share that information)
  • View who can message their teen (only their friends, friends of friends, or no one) and see if their teen changes this setting
  • View who can see their teen’s Messenger stories and get notified if their teen changes this setting.
Source: Meta

Importantly, Meta has added that these tools do not allow parents to read their teen’s messages.

This update builds on existing Parental Supervision tools on Instagram as the company tests new messaging privacy features. These include limiting how people can interact with and message others who don’t follow them.

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