Liquid Intelligent Technologies Announces Kenya to Ethiopia 1000KM Fibre Link

Liquid Intelligence Tech Ethiopia Kenya Fibre Link

Liquid Intelligent Technologies (Liquid) has officially launched a fully redundant terrestrial fibre link. The first route is a 1000KM fibre link between Kenya and Ethiopia. The fibre route is supported by a 711 KM fibre network between Zambia and Malawi.

Liquid believes completion of the two routes is a major achievement for the continent. Firstly, the fibre link between Kenya and Ethiopia is expected to push more business integration between the two countries. Moreover, the fibre link now gives businesses in Ethiopia access to data centres and cloud in Nairobi. Going forward, data from the country will not have to leave the region.

Kenyan and Ethiopian businesses are rapidly adopting digital technologies, and this new link will enable trade and investment between these two great nations in our region.  For Liquid Kenya, we see this growing demand being catalysed by the Kenya Kwanza Government’s Digital Superhighway Initiative , and this 1000 km of newly lit fibre is our first contribution to the private sector investment into this flagship project”: said Adil El Youssefi- CEO Rest of Africa at Liquid Intelligent Technologies.

The Zambia to Malawi fibre route gives the countries access to content caches and data centres in South Africa. Indeed, this will be a boost to regional connectivity and is expected to lead to economic development.

2 Fibre Optic Routes

Fibre Link to Benefit Underserved Regions

The completion of the Kenya to Ethiopia fibre link is a successfully partnership between Liquid, Kenya Electricity Transmission Company (KETRACO), and Ethiopia Electric Power (EEP). The new link complements the existing terrestrial routes and provides a capacity of four terabytes per second. This will serve to expand data traffic on the route.

Additionally, it is testament to Liquid’s belief in a digitally connected world that leaves no African behind. Indeed, the fibre link provides connectivity and accessibility to underserved towns of Suswa, Sereolipi, Ndaragwa and Marsabit, as well as Nairobi and Mega.

Liquid aims to catalyse African growth through its fibre backbone, providing regional internet connectivity that enhances digital transformation.