Roam Joins Matatu Industry with Launch of Electric Shuttle

Roam Electric matatu

Roam has launched the made-in-Kenya, fully electric Roam Move shuttle bus. This a major step that signifies the company is offering electric vehicle options for the Kenya matatu industry.

Previously, Roam, which also sells electric bikes (Roam Air), focussed on high-capacity buses meant for mass transit. The mass transit electric buses have a capacity of up to 90 passengers.

According to the company, the shuttle promises a comfortable matatu with “ergonomic seating” and will be able to ferry a maximum of 51 passengers.

We’ve dived deep into Africa’s bus market, analysing how matatus are used and what passengers truly need. The result is the Roam Move with attributes that often lack in the current products in the market.” Stated Roam.

The electric bus features, a top-up charge speed of one and a half hours giving the shuttle a 200 km range. It is equipped with a 170-kWh battery pack.

Roam Move Shuttle

Thika-based Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers (KVM) has been awarded the contract to assemble Roam’s first fully electric shuttle bus. This is a strategic partnership as the assemble company familiar with the matatu industry seeks to benefit from tax incentives.

Matatu Industry Already Has Roam’s Rival

Roam’s primary rival, BasiGo, already offers electric small-capacity buses that are charged overnight. Furthermore, BasiGo has high-power DC Fast charging stations for electric buses in different parts of the city. Also, BasiGo has created a distinct financing option called “Pay-As-You-Drive,” making their K6 Electric bus an affordable option.

Roam’s announcement coming quickly after the African Climate summit promises to bring clean electric transport to all parts of Nairobi. Indeed, it will increase the number of electric matatu’s on Kenyan roads. Like its competitor, its expected that Roam will work with established matatu saccos.

We are thrilled to introduce ‘The Roam Move,’ Kenya’s very own electric shuttle bus. This achievement aligns perfectly with our vision of fostering sustainable transportation solutions that make a positive impact on our environment and our communities. “said  Dennis Wakaba, Roam’s Country Sales Executive.

This will help minimize air pollution and decrease carbon emissions.

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