Africa Climate Summit officially Opened by President William Ruto

Africa Climate Summit 2023 in Nairobi

Today President William Ruto officially opened the Africa Climate Summit 2023. This is a five-day event organised to address the growing challenges posed by global climate change, especially in Africa.

The president highlighted the need for climate financing to help address Africa’s energy challenges and elevate ambitions in tackling climate change. Previously, concerns have been raised about the inadequacy of available finances to effectively address the collective threats and challenges faced by Africa.

President Ruto pointed out that Africa is a hub of green energy and has the potential to meet its energy needs through renewable sources. The renewable energy sector presents opportunities for economic growth and environmental sustainability.

But we must see in green growth not just a climate imperative but also a fountain of multi-billion-dollar economic opportunities that the continent and the World is primed to capitalize on.”: said the president.

The president emphasized that Africa’s vast renewable energy potential is a significant asset and part of the continent’s wealth.

 Kenya has an ambitious plan to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2030. At the moment, 93% of the national grid is already powered by renewables. Thus, the president stressed that investment in renewable energy, green industrialization, climate-smart agriculture, and nature conservation is key to achieving sustainable, climate-resilient development in Africa.

On travel, Dr Ruto expressed the intent to consider abolishing visa requirements for travellers to Africa. He mentioned Kenya is considering the abolition of visa requirements for travellers to Kenya.

Africa Climate Summit Aligns with Kenya’s Sustainability Agenda

The president’s point on financing was aligned with Safaricom’s announcement of a Sustainability Linked Loan deal with four banks. Furthermore, we have seen the government push for greener sustainable initiatives through partnerships with private investors.

A week before the Africa Climate Summit, we saw the launch of a 100% geothermal powered data centre. This was by Ecocloud in Olkaria at the KenGen Green Energy park.

In other developments, Uber joined the e-mobility sector with the launch of electric bikes in Kenya.

Furthermore, ahead of the Africa Climate Summit, we witnessed the president drive an electric car. He was escorted by outriders on electric bikes. This shows the government is committed to its sustainability agenda. The focus is on a low-emission, planet-friendly e-mobility sector as the long-term sustainable transportation solution for the country.

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