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KenGen Announces Four Electric Cars Alongside Plans to Shift from Gas-Powered Vehicles

The race to transition from gas-powered vehicles to electric replacements has received a shot in the arm today following the launch of four electric...

BasiGo Receives an Investment of Over KES 800 Million to Put Electric Buses on Kenyan Roads

The electric vehicle adoption and interest is growing in Kenya following BasiGo’s recent announcement that it will be supplying fifteen 25-seater electric buses to...

Electric Bus Company BasiGo to Bring 15 New Buses to Nairobi Matatu Service

The state of electric vehicles in Kenya is very interesting, and for additional details regarding local developments, you can read more here. We say interesting...

State of Electric Vehicles in Kenya in 2022

The electric vehicle craze hasn’t really caught up in the Kenyan market, but the state has been making strides in introducing the technology to...

Electric Bus Roam Rapid With 90-Passenger Capacity Launches in Kenya

A month or so ago, electric vehicle firm Roam, formerly Opibus announced the availability of its electric motorbike the Roam Air. The bike is...

M-KOPA Now Lets Users Buy A Roam Electric Motorcycle On Loan

Less than one month ago, electric vehicle firm Roam, formerly known as Opibus revealed the availability of its electric motorbike named Roam Air. The motorcycle...

Electric Motorbike Roam Air Arrives in Kenya for KES 180K

Electric vehicle firm Roam, formerly Opibus has revealed the availability of its electric motorbike named Roam Air. The announcement of the Roam Air means...

Kenya Electric Vehicle Company OpiBus Rebrands To ROAM

E-bus company Opibus has rebranded to ROAM. The development was revealed today, and according to the mass transit firm that also provides e-bikes, the rebrand...

eWAKA Joins The Electric Vehicles Craze With the Launch of EV Bodabodas

For a couple of decades, climate change has been a topic of general public interest. As a result, innovations towards engines that do not...