Super Metro Gets A Taste of an Electric Bus


Electric vehicles are a thing in the Kenyan market now, at least in Nairobi.

There are multiple electric bus companies that are committed to making electric motoring a commonplace thing, and while the industry, at least locally, is far from catching up to Western counterparts, local developments are actually admirable.


Today, we have learned that e-bus company BasiGo has handed one electric bus to the popular Matatu Sacco Super Metro. Super Metro had made a name for itself because of its professionalism and reliability in the routes it serves, which makes this case a notable development that could give way to more electric vehicles in the metropolitan’s streets.

BasiGo had promised to deliver more than 15 electric buses to these SACCOs by 2023. It appears it is on the way to meeting that goal, and the hope is that it will keep pushing the agenda, and appeal to as many Saccos in the city as possible.

BasiGo also works with Cit Hoppa.

It offers its service in what is named as pay as you drive model.

“And with BasiGo’s unique Pay-As-You-Drive financing solution, the K6 Electric bus is made affordable to all owners who are eager to transition to clean, electric drive,” says the company.

BasiGo is complemented by ROAM, another local electric bus company that runs the ROAM Rapid bus in Nairobi.

Equipped with a 384-kWh battery pack, the bus can do 360 km. For normal trips, operators have been assured that they can run all day without recharging.

ROAM has since partnered with Kenya Mpya Sacco, and its buses are often seen along Thika Road. It has not revealed any plans to collaborate with additional Saccos.

The new BasiGo bus operated by Super Metro will travel from the city to Kikuyu, as well as the CBD and Kitengela routes.

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