South Africa Registers 100% Increase in New EV Registrations

South Africa EV sector
Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

South Africa has been experiencing a monumental shift in the automotive landscape with the growing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs). The nation’s EV market has seen an impressive surge, accompanied by an ever-expanding charging infrastructure. In 2022, South Africa saw a remarkable 100% increase in new EV registrations, and the momentum hasn’t waned in 2023. The first half of this year has witnessed the addition of 501 more EVs to the nation’s roads, propelling South Africa toward the extraordinary achievement of doubling its EV sales for two consecutive years.

EV Charging Network

Currently, there are over 2,200 fully electric cars registered in South Africa. Crucially, South Africa has kept pace with the surging EV adoption. Approximately two charging stations are now available for every 10 EVs. South Africa’s total public and private charging infrastructure stands at 435 units. GridCars Network owns majority of the EV charging stations. The company plans to add at least another 100 before the end of the year.

This ensures convenient access to recharging options. Moreover, with 1.3 publicly available chargers per 10 EVs, drivers can embark on longer journeys with ease. The International Energy Agency recognized South Africa’s efforts in promoting sustainable transportation by ranking the nation 3rd  out of 30 countries and regions in terms of charging capacity per EV in 2022. It was ranked behind Chile and South Korea.

Another key player in the EV charging infrastructure arena, Rubicon, is actively addressing the surging demand for EVs. They are working to add over 250 new chargers to the network by the end of 2024. The company already has 69 charging stations. Some of the stations were set up in partnership with Audi.

Affordable South Africa EV Models

The entry of more affordable EV models from renowned manufacturers such as Volvo, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and others is a significant driver of EV adoption. These vehicles are becoming more accessible to a broader range of consumers. This is positioning South Africa’s EV market for even more substantial growth in the near future.

The successful transition to electric vehicles in South Africa depends also on a collaborative effort between infrastructure providers and automakers. In the first quarter of 2024, Volvo is set to launch its affordable compact electric SUV — the EX30. It will be the company’s most affordable EV yet.