How to Catch an Electric Bus Ride in Nairobi

BasiGo's electric bus

We have since talked extensively about the Kenya e-mobility state. To sum it up, the competition is getting stiff following participation from multiple companies. ROAM, for instance, has a couple of buses plying multiple routes in the city. The company also has other ambitions other than serving people who use public transportation: it has since launched electric motorbikes that can be purchased across the country, even on credit thanks to a partnership with M-KOPA.

Others include BasiGo, which has been working hard with partners such as Super Metro and Citi Hoppa. The Matatu saccos are big in the city, and while the company is yet to serve them with a healthy number of buses, you can actually see a number of them around. The firm had promised to issue 20 buses or so by the start of 2023, and it appears to have met that goal, but it has further ambitions of increasing their fleets to hundreds in the next couple of years.

BasiGo’s K6 Electric buses are accessible to all individuals through BasiGo’s Pay-As-You-Drive financing option, allowing more people to make the switch to environmentally friendly electric vehicles.

Other players including Humming Bird (with Nissan Leafs that are targeting the hospitality market), Kenya Power and KenGen have since jumped into the electric motoring craze.

However, how can a normal Nairobian catch a ride in one of these public transport electric buses? Well, it is fairly challenging because the buses are not many.

However, there is a live link being offered by BasiGo that shows the exact location of their buses within the Nairobi metropolitan.

You can access the link here for further details.

Lastly, note that the buses serve a few routes:  

  1. Citi Hoppa: CBD – Allsops-Airport
  2. East Shuttle: City Stadium – Buruburu – Dandora
  3. Super Metro: CBD – Kikuyu and CBD – Kitengela
  4. OMA: CBD – Jogoo Road – Buruburu – Civil Servants (CIVO)