EACC Requests CA Documentation in Probe of Suspended Chiloba

EACC request CA for documents

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has formally written to the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) seeking documentation around allegations that led to Ezra Chiloba’s suspension.

Mr. Chiloba was indefinitely suspended from his role as the Director General of the CA following allegations of abuse of office and conflict of interest. Now, the EACC has begun investigations.

In the letter, EACC addressed CA’s Acting Director General Mr. Christopher Wambua, and requested original documents that are relevant to the matter.

The commission has asked for CA’s mortgage loan budget for FY 2021/2022 to 2023/2024. Secondly, it has requested bank account statements for CA’s mortgage scheme for the period 2021/2022 to 2023/2024.

Mr. Chiloba was suspended following an internal audit. Hence the EACC has requested to be provided with the internal audit report. In addition, the commission would like CA to share the National Treasury Audit Report.

The Commission has gone on to ask for more documentation around the case including:

  • Mortgage loan policy for CA
  • Mortgage Loan book for CA
  • Authorized panel of valuers at CAK
  • Minutes of Special Board Audit and Risk Assurance Committee dated 8th August 2023

According to the report made public, the CA valuers had provided a valuation that did not tally with the government’s valuation. So, it is no surprise that EACC is looking into the valuers contracted.

EACC Investigating Chiloba’s Mortgage

Further, the anti-corruption commission is looking into Chiloba’s Mortgage. In the audit report, it was alleged that Chiloba had purported to buy a house that he already owned.

Due to this allegation of self-interest, the commission is requesting the mortgage loan application form for Ezra Chiloba and the following attachments;

  • Title deed
  • Search certificate
  • Sale Agreement
  • Details of the vendor
  • Valuation Reports
  • All correspondences regarding the purchase
  • Any other document related to the mortgage loan application
  • Details of all mortgage loan beneficiaries.