How to Compress a Video on Mobile and Online For Free

free Video Compression app and online website

Phones are getting better, especially the camera. The high-quality videos you can capture come at a cost. They are huge and may sometimes present a challenge when you would like to share the video. But even before good phone cameras existed, video compression was with us.

Today, the compression comes as apps or websites both of which are accessible via our Android phones. They offer users the ability to quickly compress videos without losing too much in terms of quality. So how does one compress video on a phone or online? Let’s explore.

Panda App for Mobile Video Compression

Panda app is a free app that as usual with this type comes with Ads. On the plus side, it offers good compression speeds and has a user-friendly design. Panda App comes with pre-sets for video compression that target emails, giving you a video of under  25MB. Further, the pre-set features allow a user to optimize the video for social media.

This is how it works.

  1. You have to give Panda App access to your media files
  2. Select the videos you want to compress and hit the “Next” button
  3. Choose the compression style. Here is where the Pre-sets come into play
  4. Hit  the “Compress” button,

The compressed video will automatically be saved on your phone under the Camera folder.

Compress a Video on a website

There are many websites to compress a video. One that I use and is free with very little ads is 123 Apps. This is actually a trove of multimedia editing tools that everyone should know of. On the website select Video resizer and you will be redirected to another page. Here is a step-by-step guide for beginners:

  1. Upload Your Video

Begin by opening Video Resizer in your browser on any device, either a phone or tablet. Click ‘Open file’ to upload your video. You can either drag and drop the video file or select it from your device’s folder. Smaller clip are processed within seconds.

  • Choose the Size

Once your video is open in the dashboard, you’ll find a list of tools. Click ‘Resize Video’ and select the desired dimensions. You can opt for a 1080p resolution or any other size of your choice. Additionally, you can adjust the aspect ratio using the cropping tool. Explore other tools to enhance and edit your video further, such as adding text, subtitles, effects, overlays, and more.

  • Select the Format

Click on the corresponding button to choose the video format. The resizer supports a wide range of file types, including MKV, MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV, 3GP, WMV, and MV4. If you don’t specify a format, your video content will be downloaded in the default format, or the one you initially uploaded.

  • Save and Use Your Video

Once you’ve finished editing your resized video, click ‘Save.’ Your edited video will be downloaded to your device in the default format or the one you selected. Rest assured, there will be no watermarks, and you’ll receive a high-quality video ready for use and publishing.

Video Uploaded for Compression

There are other websites such as Online Video converter and Clideo that are free and trusted. They too have upload limits.