Liquid C2 Partners with Google Cloud Partner to Enhance Cloud and CyberSec Offerings


Liquid C2, a Cloud Service Provider across Africa, has entered into a partnership with Google Cloud seeking to further enhance its cloud and cyber security offerings. In addition, this collaboration aims to bolster Google Cloud’s expansion efforts in Africa’s cloud and security solutions market. The company signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Google Cloud on November 10, 2023.

Liquid C2 is a company under Cassava Technologies group that offers multi-cloud cloud and cyber security services. This strategic partnership builds on Google’s commitment to invest $1 billion in Africa over the next five years. In 2022, Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, announced that the $1 billion investment aimed to help boost Africa’s digital transformation ranging from improved connectivity to investment in startups.

This partnership will focus on three primary solution areas. Firstly, it will seek to assist customers in integrating and leveraging their data effectively through analytics and AI. This includes breaking down data silos and harnessing the full potential of their data. Notably, the application of the latest AI technologies is a key component in driving innovation, underpinned by a robust technology infrastructure.

Secondly, the partnership aims to ensure that customers will be provided with the cyber security expertise and solutions they need to protect their data and assets. This extends to wherever their operations are located and will enable customers to utilize the same security tools and practices that Google uses, including Chronicle and Mandiant solutions.

The third priority centers on enhancing collaboration and creativity, by offering customers access to powerful collaboration tools including Google Workspace, enhanced by generative AI (Duet AI). The objective is to empower teams of all sizes to work creatively and productively from any location, with security integrated into the design.


“Our partnership with Google will enable our enterprise, public and SME customers to harness the power of Google Cloud to enhance their data analytics and security postures and have access to the latest AI-driven tools. Our multi-cloud strategy compliments Cassava Technologies’ pan-African data centres and fibre broadband digital infrastructure all of which are key enablers of our vision of a digitally connected future that leaves no African behind,” says Oswald Jumira, CEO of Liquid C2.

Umesh Vemuri, VP of Strategic Pursuits at Google Cloud, said: “Our partnership with Liquid C2 will build upon Google for Africa’s commitment to invest USD1 billion in the region. This strategic partnership aims to accelerate the digital enablement of businesses and governments in Africa with Google Cloud’s leading data analytics and AI/ML solutions, communication and collaboration apps, generative AI, and security solutions.”