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Airbnb is Offering Free Housing to Afghan Refugees Worldwide

Airbnb, the tech company that provides property renting for travelers across the world, has now joined in humanitarian efforts towards displaced Afghanistan citizens.  Afghan...

Kenya Digital Service Tax Introduces More Chaos in Airbnb Operations

The Digital Service Tax sent many tongues wagging, and for good reason: it is still a new concept that is yet to be understood...
Airbnb Tanzania

Tanzania Government Orders Airbnb Hosts To Register Or Be Arrested

Airbnb is one of the rising service companies that have come to disrupt specific markets and they have indeed disrupted the real estate market....

Clicked : Roundup of Tech News from GDPR, Facebook, Alexa, Youtube Music to Spotify

Clicked is a roundup of links to consumer tech articles we read covering everything from GDPR, social media, gadgets/devices to streaming services. GDPR GDPR came...

Kenyan Hosts on Airbnb Have Earned Over Kshs 400 million in the Past Year

You may have heard of Airbnb, the online service that enables people to lease out their houses in the short term. They have over...

AirBnB Launches Trips Service in 12 Cities WorldWide including Nairobi

AirBnB is one of the most valuable startups in the world and has managed to disrupt the global hospitality market in its entirety. The...