Facebook Intros New Safety Measures to Protect The Privacy of its Users in Afghanistan


Afghanistan is now under the Taliban. Social networks have banned the group from sharing its messages on their platforms including YouTube and Facebook.

Civilians, activists and journalists are now being targeted by the Taliban and Facebook has rolled out new safety tools to protect the privacy of its users in Afghanistan.

People are fearful of the Taliban and have been deleting posts and photos which could point to their association with the Afghan military or former Afghan government and western countries.

One-Click Tool To Lock Your Account

This new feature will let users quickly lock their accounts so that unknown people(people not on their friends list) will not be able to download, share their profile photos or see posts in their timeline.

Users can’t view or search Friends List

Facebook has also temporarily removed the ability for users to view or search Friends list for Facebook accounts in Afghanistan

Pop-up alerts on Instagram to nudge users to protect their accounts

On Instagram, Facebook is sharing pop-up alerts to nudge users with steps to protect their accounts

Special Operations Centre

Facebook added a special operations centre that will respond to new threats as they emerge.

Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook’s head of security policy added that Facebook is watching the situation in Afghanistan closely and will continue adding steps to help users in real-time.

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