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Tips to Keep Your Android Smartphone Running Smooth Just like When It Was New

We live in an era of upgrades. Companies marketing their new stuff for you to buy, from gadgets to household items, rolling out improved...
Apple tweeting via Android

Apple Caught Posting Via Android on Twitter

If you used to tweet before 2013, Twitter used to have this way of showing you what Twitter client other people are using. You...
Facebook App

Why Facebook App Updates Don’t Have a Changelog

Those with a keen eye have noticed that Facebook does not include any changelog to the numerous updates they push. This has been a...
Document Editing Apps

Best Document Editing Apps for Productivity on the Go

With the processing power that we carry in our pockets and bags in the name of smartphones, it is becoming necessary to put this...
Android notifications

How to View Your Notification History on Android

How to view your notification history on Android - This tip is for those who mistakenly swipe away a notification in your phone’s notification drawer.
multichoice announces dstv now support for media players and smart tvs

DStv Now Gets Support for Media Players and Smart TVs with New Apps

Multichoice expands DStv Now support to more devices
Android Pie

When is Your Phone Getting Android Pie?

Android Pie was released a little over a week ago and to everyone's surprise, we had a company that released the update as soon...

Twitter Rolls Out ‘Twitter Lite’ Android App To Kenya and 20 Other Countries

Twitter has expanded the availability of the Twitter Lite app to more markets, which is good news

Google’s $5bn EU Fine, Android Fuchsia, Editable Tweets and Can Facebook Fix Itself?

Google So what did Google do, why are they being fined and are they really guilty? Google is a giant tech company and the European Commission...
instagram lite android

Instagram Quietly Testing Instagram Lite, You Can’t Get it Though

Instagram has a billion users currently which is impressive but it has the potential to score more users and a good way is to...

Africa Tech Startup News Roundup – From AfroBytes, Demo Africa to Google Launchpad

AfroBytes 2018 In case you missed it, there was a big gathering devoted to African technology and business held in Paris at the Afrobytes marketplace....
IBM Simon

Today’s Popular Smartphone Features and The Devices That Pioneered Them

People say that you never forget your first, regardless of what you are referring to. Well, this rule doesn't really apply to technology, since...
paid apps android

Paid Apps That I’ve Bought on Android Over The Years

I was always skeptical of buying apps. The free versions were alright save for the ads and in some cases, I got worthy alternatives....
Mobile Lenders

This is Why Your Android Phone Isn’t Scoring You Loans

The growth of mobile loans in the local market has seen tremendous leaps as new institutions dive into such businesses to reap the benefits...
Xiaomi Redmi 5A

The World’s Best Selling Android Smartphone is a Xiaomi Device

I would have gone with the alternative title but I love Android and I am in denial. Well, according to stats from Strategy Analytics,...
Android N

Smartphone Makers are Still Releasing Phones Running Android Nougat ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Google has been quiet over Android Distribution numbers for longer than expected. The company did not update the distribution numbers for March 2018, maybe...
Nokia 8 Sirocco Android One

What it Means to Have Nokia Smartphones As Part of Android One

You may have heard from all the news coming from Barcelona (MWC 2018) that HMD Global has partnered with Google to bring all their...

British Smartphone Maker Wileyfox Runs Into Financial Troubles

Things seem to have hit rock bottom, as a former Wileyfox employee took it to Reddit to announce that the company was under administration.
DroiPad 7D Nougat

Android Nougat is Now the Most Popular Version of Android

18-Month old Android Nougat takes the crown as the most popular Android version as of the February Android Distribution numbers. I know this is...

Simple Hack to Play YouTube Videos in the Background on Your Phone

Despite the major steps we have made in the technological space as human beings, there are two things that seem to be too complex...
youtube android

YouTube is Working on 4 New Features That are Hidden in the Android App

YouTube apk teardown reveals 4 hidden features
Android Oreo (Go Edition)

Android Oreo (Go Edition) is a Lightweight Android Version Built for Budget Smartphones

If you've used a budget Android smartphone you can attest to the fact that it is probably the worst experience of Android you've ever...

Google Launches Datally, A Data Saving App for Android Users

We moved from an era where we used what we colloquially term as 'feature phones' that had limited functionality and data use to smartphones...

These Popular Android Apps Have Been Marked as Malware by India’s Government

India's Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has blacklisted quite a number of apps on Android's Google Play Store that it terms as either...

Legitimate Looking Multi-Stage Malware Make Their Way into Google Play Store

ESET has discovered another set of malicious apps in the official Android app store, detected by ESET security systems as Android/TrojanDropper.Agent.BKY, the eight apps form...

Three Months of Android Oreo and Two-Year-Old Marshmallow Still Rules

Last month, we saw Android Oreo make its first appearance on the Android Distribution stats with a 0.2% mark that may seem small but...
coin hive

Apps Containing Shady Cryptomining Code Found on Play Store

This is getting dangerous now

New Android Permission Shares With Apps Whether You’re Walking, Driving or Sitting

As much as we love Android, the Operating System is always giving us a reason to call it quits and move on to the...
Data Prices Comparison Between Network Operators in Kenya

DIY Home Automation Using Android Smartphones

Home automation may have begun with TV lifts, electric actuators, and security cameras which used linear motion systems, but it has grown beyond that...

Here’s How To Get The Google Pixel 2 Live Wallpapers On Any Android Phone

At the beginning of this month, Google unveiled the Pixel and Pixel 2 XL. The phones had a lot going for them but one...

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