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AI use in your job

How AI Makes Your Better at Your Job and the Jobs it won’t Replace

The year 2023 kicked off with an AI fever. Such was the storm that NVDIA became the first chip maker to hit a $1...

This AI-Powered Writing Tool Will Create High-Quality Content for You

AI-powered tools have grown tremendously in the past few years and they are now venturing into the content writing, copywriting and blogging industry. These...
BBC planning voice assistant

BBC is Planning to Launch a Voice Assistant

BBC is a well known public broadcaster and one of the coolest things about the giant is that they are very open to emerging...
Strathmore Microsoft Whitepaper

Microsoft Launches AI Whitepaper in Kenya, Maintains Artificial Intelligence is Pivotal to Economic Growth

Microsoft has been making notable strides as far as artificial intelligence, popularly known as AI is concerned. This is not a new development though;...
Killer AI robots

No! 4 AI Robots Did Not Kill Scientists in South Korea

The past few days has seen a video claiming that 4 AI robots killed 29 scientists in a secret lab in South Korea go...
Muthoni Wanyoike

The Future of Data Science and AI is Promising

Did you know machine learning is behind a vast of technologies that we use today? Including online search, Netflix recommendations, natural language processing and...
LG V30

LG Take On Artificial Intelligence Will Focus on Camera Upgrades and Voice Commands for Future Devices

The start of 2018 was graced by U.S.-based Consumer Electronics Show (CES) where tech companies showcased their latest products. LG was part of the...

This Software Will Enable Lecturers to Know When Their Students Are Not Paying Attention

A few months ago when I was still a student, I dreaded online classes. I know myself, I hate reading and if I didn't...

Microsoft’s Murphy Bot Can Predict Which Team You’re Backing in Euro 2016

Microsoft is using its deep learning algorithms that can read human faces and make several conclusions. The what-fan bot, named Murphy, scans one's face and matches them with those of players taking part in Euro 2016 to determine which team they are supporting.
Facebook using AI to help blind people use it

Facebook has used AI to help blind people use the social network

We kind take for granted how we use our everyday gadgets in surfing the web and connecting with people from around the world on...
Facebook's New Notification tab update

New Artificial Intelligence Gives Us A Glimpse Of The Future Facebook

Artificial intelligence is one of those scientific technologies that seem futuristic but are quite present in our daily lives. It is used extensively by...

Artificial Intelligence to Understand Jokes, Yup That’s been done

Bob Mankoff, the cartoon editor for the New Yorker has an unusual problem: The magazine has this contest where funny captions are sent to...
Facebook Deep Learning Face Verification

Facebook’s Deep Learning Face Verification AI Performs As Good As Humans

Facebook's Artificial Intelligence team is using deep learning to create a software that will perform facial verification. DeepFace can identify whether unfamiliar faces in...
Intel Codefest Nairobi 2013

Intel Codefest Nairobi: Boost User Experience in Application Development

Intel has congregated top Android developers in Kenya at the iHub in Nairobi. Top in terms of app downloads in Kenya with an aim...

Africa’s First Artificial Intelligence Game Being Designed By Kenyans

Gomokunarabe is a board game invented in Japan. The word means five piece line up. Known as gomoku in short, it can be played...
google glass

Is Google Glass good for you?

As with every great & new technology users are are always wary of some things. Below are some of those concerning Glass. Privacy (private...

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