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Microsoft Working on App that Will Read News to You

Apple showcased its new News application back at WWDC as it seeks to provide iOS users with a fresh news reading experience. For quite...
Upgrade Your World

Things to Consider after Upgrading to Windows 10

Besides being an upgrade that I love full of features that make using it a pleasant experience, it is not just bugs that...

Microsoft’s face recognition tech now works directly from Bing

Remember that Microsoft site that tells you how far you are from having countless wrinkles on your face even with the countless creams you've...

Microsoft to Rebrand Bing Apps back to MSN, while Kenya’s MSN Page Goes Missing

In an effort to align Bing services to the “Mobile First, Cloud First” vision, Microsoft will soon re-brand  its cross platform Bing Apps back...
Bing Rewards mobile

Microsoft rewards Android and iOS users who use the Bing Search Engine

  What do you do when you have been talking about this thing and people don't seem to notice? Throw in a carrot, see if...
Bing Masai Mara elephants

Beautiful sunset photo of Masai Mara Elephants on Bing Homepage

Today's Bing Homepage is an awesome sunset photo of the Masai Mara. On the fore there are Elephants browsing on the lush green of...