Bing introduces the we’re in app for windows phone

we're in, foursquare killer

Bing just released We’re in, a windows phone app that works just like foursquare. The application is meant to allow users organize get-together’s, car pool and find people in a crowd easily. We’re in gives you the option to see location of friends and they see yours, as long as the invite has not expired, where the location too expires. Kinda temporary.we're in, foursquare killer

When you sign up on the app you invite your friends via contacts, just like on Whatsapp or BB messenger to start sharing location info with each other including who, why, and how long. Pick your friends from the contact list or enter their phone number, tell them what the plan is. At this point you can choose how long you want to share location info. Easy way to track friends, and or get tracked.we're in windows phonewe're in windows


Your friends receive a text message with these details. They can use the app to join you or, for friends that don’t have a Windows Phone, they can join from the mobile website via the invite.

Once the friend accepts the invite you immediately see their location on the map, and you can pinch to zoom in or out to see more or fewer details on the map.

To stop sharing info you just tap “leave” on the people tab, and you can also notify them that you are leaving by sending them a status message, which you can do anytime to notify them of any developments. Lets see how this fares on in competition with foursquare


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