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Binance Offers to Teach Blockchain to Women from Kenya and Other Regions

The size of the global blockchain market is expected to grow from $4.93 billion in 2021 to more than $200 billion by 2028.  Yet,...

Kenya Blockchain Taskforce Findings Rally for Use Cases in Poll Transparency

There has been an overwhelming amount of media attention and talk surrounding blockchain over the past years. It has been rallied as a solution...

Kenya’s Electoral Agency Keen on Using Blockchain to Enhance Transparency

Kenya's electoral agency, the Independent Elections and Boundaries Commission wants to kick things up a notch by introducing a relatively new technology for the...

AT&T-Time Warner Merger now Legal, Net Neutrality Is Dead and Bow to Blockchain Religion

AT&T now allowed to merge with Time Warner, US Court rules. Last week on Monday, US court judge ruled that AT&T can complete its $85B...

The Startup Ecosystem in Africa Is Thriving – These Tech Stories Are Here to Prove It

The innovation revolution in Africa is on a rise, from startups that not only bring major impact to the local countries but also cross...

Africa Tech Startup News Roundup – From AfroBytes, Demo Africa to Google Launchpad

AfroBytes 2018 In case you missed it, there was a big gathering devoted to African technology and business held in Paris at the Afrobytes marketplace....
Hamid Rashid, CEO Finterra

Blockchain Firm Finterra Launches its Trade in Kenya, Targets Ecommerce and Land Management

Singapore-based blockchain technology company Finterra has officially set its camp in Kenya. The ‘social solutions for blockchain’ firm, which has offices in Hong Kong,...
Micheal Kimani Bitpesa

Ledger-keeping App ChamaPesa Targets Social Saving Institutions with Blockchain Technology

ChamaPesa targets social saving groups called Chamas using blockchain to create a platform to move records from traditional systems.

Cryptocurrency Startup Prodeum Leaves Investors With Nothing But “Penis”

Would you like to know where the fruit you're eating came from? Maybe know how it was planted, harvested and transported? Well, Prodeum is a startup...
kenya data commissioner will be announced soon

Central Bank of Kenya and Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru Differ Over Bitcoin

Mucheru's stand puts him and CBK governor on opposing ends, both agree that blockchain is important but the issue still remains whether Bitcoin be regulated in Kenya.
telegram cryptocurrency

Telegram Messenger Plans To Launch Their Own Native Cryptocurrency

This move by Telegram has a lot of potential

AIG, IBM and Standard Chartered Introduces Insurance Policy Based On Blockchain

American International Group Inc. (AIG) and Standard Chartered Bank have introduced an insurance policy based on blockchain. The distributed ledger technology, which has been...

IBM, Kenya Government to explore BlockChain in Management of Public Records

The mention of Blockchain automatically leads to thoughts on Bitcoin despite the two referring to different things.  Blockchain is indeed the technology that powers...
Michael Kimani Umati Blockchain

Opinion: Why Kenya Should Embrace Virtual Currencies

It is rather regrettable, that the man we have at the helm of Kenya’s Central Bank, is of the opinion that Kenyans, and broadly...

Central Bank of Kenya Governor warns on Virtual Currencies like Bitcoin

Last year, the Central Bank of Kenya released a statement warning Kenyans on virtual currencies like Bitcoin. The Central Bank called  Bitcoin a form of...

Kenyan Startup wins $10,000 in the Barclays Africa Supply Chain Challenge

In July, Barclays launched an innovation challenge called the Barclays Africa Challenge seeking ideas and innovations in Fin-tech. The challenge dubbed the Barclays Africa...

Barclays Launches A Fin-Tech Innovation Challenge Centered On Blockchain

Barclays has today launched an innovation challenge called the Barclays Africa Challenge seeking ideas and innovations in Fin-tech. The challenge dubbed the Barclays Africa...

Bitcoin’s Blockchain Inspiring New Startups

Despite the fact that Bitcoin prices have been surging of late as a result of the Greek financial crisis, there remains a great deal...

US SEC Warns Investors Against Bitcoin

American investments watchdog, the SEC has taken note of the rise of Bitcoin and issued a warning concerning its negative qualities. This has to...

Transaction Malleability Played Negligible Part in MtGox Bitcoin Loss – Researchers

Researchers have rubbished claims that the loss of bitcoins at MtGox was caused by transaction malleability. Christian Decker and Roger Wattenhofer from ETH Zurich...

Press Stakes Satoshi Nakamoto in California, Turns Out He Never Created Bitcoin

Over the breadth of 2 months, a reporter at Newsweek tried to connect the foundations of Bitcoin to one particular face. The original specifications...

Bitcoin loyalists destroy their iPhones in protest at Apple’s decision to pull Bitcoin apps from App Store

I am a big fan of Reddit and quite prominent there as well (pseudonyms my friends). There's something about Reddit, redditors and the whole...

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