Bitcoin loyalists destroy their iPhones in protest at Apple’s decision to pull Bitcoin apps from App Store


I am a big fan of Reddit and quite prominent there as well (pseudonyms my friends). There’s something about Reddit, redditors and the whole community formed around the social news site: care. Guys over there care about the things in their life so much. Be it their SOs (significant others), their cars, their computers, their pets or their phones. Lately they also love their cryptocurrency to death too. Bitcoin. The iPhone is a popular device the world over and as such most redditors happen to use the device. Most are Apple loyalists through and through as long time users of Reddit can tell you. Now what happens when their favourite cryptocurrency is supposedly not liked by the maker of their favourite devices? See the video below by redditor R3 to know what happens:

Bitcoin, an emerging form of peer-to-peer payment system that is already defining the digital age and has gained very wide acceptance levels (you can even pay college fees or buy a ticket to space) has also come under threat from laws in various regions around the world. Bitcoin is banned in countries like Russia and China. Apple perhaps is foreseeing possible clashes with authorities in markets where it operates as far as Bitcoin use goes thus its strict policy of not allowing Bitcoin apps on its App Store. Also, from a legal standpoint, Bitcoin’s use is shrouded in controversy, absolute murkiness and undefined structures. Users of iDevices are now condemned to either jailbreaking their beloved devices and losing access to Apple’s walled garden or staying without their beloved digital currency.

Some angry Bitcoin loyalists who also happened to have been staunch Apple fanboys before the recent controversy cite Apple’s often rumoured entry to the mobile payments race as the main motivation of the pulling of popular Bitcoin transfer apps. Whichever the case, the angered Bitcoin loyalists are having a field day on Reddit and YouTube where shocking comments and videos continue to be made and uploaded. In fact there’s someone promising a Nexus 5 (as you heard from the clip above) to those destroying their iPhones to protest at that decision by Apple this ending week to pull the only remaining Bitcoin transfer app, Blockchain. Why a Nexus 5? Because Google has not outlawed Bitcoin apps on its platform and is even said to be in talks to work with Bitcoin.

Mocking Apple
Mocking Apple

In an apparent mockery of Apple’s positioning as a rebel camp with its ‘Here’s to the Crazy Ones’ 1997 ad, redditors are outdoing each others on who trolls Apple best. Here are my favourite two:

It is important to note that bitcoin price monitoring apps still remain in the App Store since Apple has only been pulling the wallet apps alone.



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