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Isaac Muthui - Nurucoin

Capital Markets is Investigating Cunning Nurucoin Founder Who Siphoned Billions from Investors

Most of us are actually happy the cryptocurrency talk has gone under because there were so many things that even those who claimed to...

AT&T-Time Warner Merger now Legal, Net Neutrality Is Dead and Bow to Blockchain Religion

AT&T now allowed to merge with Time Warner, US Court rules. Last week on Monday, US court judge ruled that AT&T can complete its $85B...

Microsoft Buys Github, Apple Trolls Facebook, Dramatic Departure of WhatsApp Founders from Facebook

In this week's Clicked, we cover Github's acquisition by Microsoft, Apple's WWDC and the shade they gave Facebook and the expensive split from Facebook...
Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Puts a Thou-Shalt-Not Order on All Cryptocurrency Activities

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has issued a circular to banking institutions effectively banning all cryptocurrency activities in the country. The government's institution cites...
kplc prepaid meters

Inflated Electricity Bills Fund Bitcoin Mining by Kenya Prisoners

A few months after a section of the Kenyan population was up in arms over what they termed as inflated electricity bills, it has...

Google to Cut the Cord On Cryptocurrency-Related Ads

Ever since human being discovered that they they can make a quick buck by buying and selling cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, another set of...
Zimbabwe Dollars

Zimbabwean Cryptocurrency Exchange User Accounts Compromised (Updated)

Golix, a Zimbabwean cryptocurrency exchange platform that is said to be processing about $1 million per month, has disclosed a breach into their some...

South Africans Hit By $50 Million Bitcoin Scam

Cryptocurrency investors in South Africa have lost over $50 million in Bitcoin after a company by the name BTC Global allegedly pulled an exit...
Micheal Kimani Bitpesa

Ledger-keeping App ChamaPesa Targets Social Saving Institutions with Blockchain Technology

ChamaPesa targets social saving groups called Chamas using blockchain to create a platform to move records from traditional systems.

Investors Lost Over $100 Billion Across Various Cryptocurrencies in 24 Hours

Things are not looking good for investors in various cryptocurrencies, from the numerous scams that have hit the scape to various heists that have...
Bitcoin Kenya

The CBK Distances itself from Any Losses Incurred by Virtual Currency Investors

The last couple of months has seen the rise, and depending on who you ask, a marginal drop of digital currencies. This development is...
Bitcoin Kenya

The Bitcoin Bubble and Other Stories; Number 5 will shock you!

Taking a peek into 2018 and predicting what we look forward to in the coming year in Kenya legal tech. we highlight our top 8 focus areas for this year.

BitConnect Cryptocurrency Collapse Leaves Investors in Pool of Tears

BitConnect described itself as an open source community cryptocurrency whose main aim was to allow people to store and invest their wealth in a non-government controlled...
kenya data commissioner will be announced soon

Central Bank of Kenya and Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru Differ Over Bitcoin

Mucheru's stand puts him and CBK governor on opposing ends, both agree that blockchain is important but the issue still remains whether Bitcoin be regulated in Kenya.

How Crypto-Mining Website NiceHash Lost $58 Million in Bitcoins

On the 6th of December, miners woke up to the news that NiceHash, a company that lets users apply their extra GPUs to mining...
Old Tech

5 Tech-Related Products That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

10 years is not a short time but it seems even longer when you take a look back at how much the tech space...

50 Amazing Facts About Bitcoin That Will Blow Your Mind

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to control its creation and management, rather than relying on central authorities. Bitcoin has...
Bitcoin versus Mshwari

Saving in Bitcoin Versus Mshwari, See How Bitcoin Wins

Saving in Bitcoin has been lucrative for me compared to the alternative of Mshwari with 211% interest on Bitcoin versus 9.8% interest on Mshwari.

This Clinic in Botswana Accepts Bitcoins as Payment

As the Kenyan government fights the use of Bitcoins in the country, there are other countries in Africa that are embracing the technology. One such country...
Bitwala bitcoin

Bitwala’s New Product Involves Sending Bitcoins To MPESA For Free

The mobile money revolution in Africa has made people send money across geographical borders. It is one of the best innovations we have had...

Bitcoin Price Rally Falters following a 20% Plunge in a Single Day

Over the last few weeks, the price of bitcoin has been on the rise.  There have been a few reasons for this, with the...

IBM, Kenya Government to explore BlockChain in Management of Public Records

The mention of Blockchain automatically leads to thoughts on Bitcoin despite the two referring to different things.  Blockchain is indeed the technology that powers...
Michael Kimani Umati Blockchain

Opinion: Why Kenya Should Embrace Virtual Currencies

It is rather regrettable, that the man we have at the helm of Kenya’s Central Bank, is of the opinion that Kenyans, and broadly...

Central Bank of Kenya Governor warns on Virtual Currencies like Bitcoin

Last year, the Central Bank of Kenya released a statement warning Kenyans on virtual currencies like Bitcoin. The Central Bank called  Bitcoin a form of...

Satoshi Nakomoto stands up, Australian reveals himself as Bitcoin Creator

In December 2015, Wired Magazine and Gizmodo carried two separate stories stating they can now reveal the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi Nakamoto is...

Understanding BitPesa Vs Safaricom Suit

Last week, Wired Magazine and Gizmodo carried two separate stories stating they can now reveal the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi Nakamoto is believed...

Bitcoin is a Commodity Not Currency according to US regulators

In 2014, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission issued a warning to individuals with regards to the negative qualities of a crpto-currency called...

Man Denied Compensation Over Lost Bitcoin as “They Cannot Be Owned”

In 2014, MtGox a popular site  for trading and storing bitcoin went under and with it, were thousands of bitcoins belonging to individual investors...

Barclays Launches A Fin-Tech Innovation Challenge Centered On Blockchain

Barclays has today launched an innovation challenge called the Barclays Africa Challenge seeking ideas and innovations in Fin-tech. The challenge dubbed the Barclays Africa...

Bitcoin’s Blockchain Inspiring New Startups

Despite the fact that Bitcoin prices have been surging of late as a result of the Greek financial crisis, there remains a great deal...

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