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Transaction Malleability Played Negligible Part in MtGox Bitcoin Loss – Researchers

Researchers have rubbished claims that the loss of bitcoins at MtGox was caused by transaction malleability. Christian Decker and Roger Wattenhofer from ETH Zurich...

Bitcoin-QT Rebrands to Bitcoin Core, Fixes Transaction Malleability

Security incidents surrounding the disapperance of bitcoins from online exchanges and individual computers has created a lot of buzz on the internet. This has...

Press Stakes Satoshi Nakamoto in California, Turns Out He Never Created Bitcoin

Over the breadth of 2 months, a reporter at Newsweek tried to connect the foundations of Bitcoin to one particular face. The original specifications...

Bitcoin loyalists destroy their iPhones in protest at Apple’s decision to pull Bitcoin apps from App Store

I am a big fan of Reddit and quite prominent there as well (pseudonyms my friends). There's something about Reddit, redditors and the whole...

Coinbase Receives $25 million Funding to Accelerate Bitcoin Adoption

Bitcoin wallet platform - Coinbase - has received a $25 million cash injection. The funding was led by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz raising...

Virgin to accept Bitcoins as payment method

Bitcons seem to be gaining momentum in terms of acceptance as a payment method. Just yesterday a college in Cyprus announced it would be...

You can pay college fees with Bitcoin too, changing times indeed

Perhaps you have been hearing alot about Bitcoin on the internet and the few papers that bother to chime in on emerging trends over...

Malta-based Bitcoin Hedge Fund Launched by Exante

Malta-based Exante Ltd has conceived a regulated investment vehicle with their Bitcoin Fund. Though announced in October last year, the fund has not received...