This Clinic in Botswana Accepts Bitcoins as Payment


As the Kenyan government fights the use of Bitcoins in the country, there are other countries in Africa that are embracing the technology. One such country is Botswana and Dr. Donald Ariisa, who runs a private clinic known as Sharada Clinic is the man behind this revolution.

Sharada clinic is the first if its kind in Botswana and I dare say Africa. Speaking to Cointelegraph, Dr. Ariisa said that he was bent towards accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment as the clinic is focused on adopting technologies that allow sustainability in offering accessible services.

He goes ahead to say that he feels the technology is being embraced by the youth who are involved in Bitcoin mining or work online for it and therefore wanted to open services to these type of patients or anyone who would like to try Bitcoin.

Dr. Ariisa told Cointelegraph that he is always happy to see the satisfaction when patients pay for their healthcare with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a technology that very few understand and that may be the reason why very few people are willing to try it out. However, this has not stopped startups from pushing for the use of Bitcoin, with most of such startups allowing users to send Bitcoins to M-Pesa.

My hope is that more entreprenuers will be like Dr. Ariisa and take the bold step on accepting Bitcoins as payment. It may be the push the government needs to recognize the technology as official tender.


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