Blockchain Firm Finterra Launches its Trade in Kenya, Targets Ecommerce and Land Management

Hamid Rashid, CEO Finterra
Hamid Rashid, CEO Finterra

Hamid Rashid, CEO FinterraSingapore-based blockchain technology company Finterra has officially set its camp in Kenya. The ‘social solutions for blockchain’ firm, which has offices in Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, New York (USA) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), specifically targeted the Kenyan market after its studies revealed heightened interest and application of blockchain technologies in the country.

Finterra leverages the offerings of cloud services to deploy blockchain applications, that have, as discussed previous posts, been used to dispel trust issues when making transactions owing to its transparency in the financial service platform.

On top of what the company offers, Finterra looks forward to people joining its ecosystem and build complementing products and services. To showcase what the Finterra platform can do, the company will roll out three unique products, which are the Endowment Chain, an Open Source Development Community, as well as the Loyalty Exchange Points.

According to the group’s CEO Mr. Hamid Rashid, The Endowment Chain will target non-profit organizations and asset owners in a bid to give them access to funding opportunities as stepping stone to community development. The Open Source Development Community will encourage and support community innovation and collaboration, whereas Loyalty Point Exchange system will be used to providing additional value for many based on loyalty points.

“To make the best use of these endowed gifts, the Endowment Chain allows participants to create project proposals to develop and invigorate endowment properties. Others can fund these project proposals by contributing funds. If the project goals are met, the project proposal is accepted and a certain number of Endowment tokens are created and distributed to the participating funders,” remarked Hamid Rashid Finterra CEO.

“Surprisingly very many institutions are running on blockchain, the New York stock exchange, standard chartered bank remittances and Singapore airlines. There are many user cases coming up, which will bring blockchain to the mainstream giving value to the technology,” added Mr. Rashid.

The organization promises reduced costs by cutting overheads that are common in the traditional contract processes, in addition to real-time tracking of audits and automation.

Finterra has been running its trade in the last six months. It also serves a client base of 400,000 people how are spread across the previously mentioned countries.

The local launch will be complemented by e-commerce for the exchange of products, as well as a land management platform. Of course, both cases will apply blockchain technologies to address issues such as duplication of key documents in land ownership.

Future plans include possible collaboration with mobile service providers, Pay TV operators, and hotels, among others.


  1. Look into their Telegram channel which they may soon delete:

    1. Their so called crypto expert whom they claim is a professor at Stanford has no affiliation with that institution

    2. The CEO/ Founder goes by two names: Hamid Rashid alias Seyd Hamid

    3. There are multiple websites and social media pages associated with these guys:


    5. The CEO claims to have entered blockchain only a year ago, how is he an expert?

    6. In the article above he claims to have successfully launched two ICOs last year but has not provided any evidence to this effect.

    7. Finterra claims to have won the 2017 Fintech Social Media Excellence Award at this year’s Malaysia Social Media Week. The only reference available online to indicate this is a Medium post WRITTEN BY THE COMPANY ITSELF:

  2. Your journalists should do a better job of checking facts instead of being paid to run puff pieces on scammers.

    • Throwaway111 – I think you should do your homework properly.
      The Telegram channel is still going on strong.
      The CEO is himself responding to any queries.
      The White paper is out.
      All your queries have already and properly explained all your answers in the channel. I think you should engage them directly instead of trying to be a keyboard wannabe warrior saving people from SCAMS?
      Have you invested in them? Did you lose any money?
      No use you open your trap with ill informed info.

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