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State of Digital Lending Apps in Kenya in 2023

Digital lenders have been in business for an extended period, but their operations have since been halted by the Central Bank of Kenya and...

Tala Now Lets You Pick A Date To Clear Your Loan

Digital loan apps, at least in Kenya, have been very successful thanks to two reasons: M-PESA – meaning lenders can send money to their...

Digital Lenders Finally Gagged from Threatening Customers in New CBK Regulations

As we had reported before, the CBK Amendment Bill, 2021 has since been signed into law by the President of Kenya. This means that...
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President Kenyatta Signs Into Law the CBK Amendment Bill That Finally Regulates Online Lenders

President Kenyatta has signed into law the Central Bank Amendment Bill, 2021. The development means that the CBK has the power to tame various parts...

Kenya Online Borrowers Balloon From 200K in 2016 to 2 Million in 2021

The Central Bank Amendment Bill, 2021, might be coming soon. The proposal, on the whole, seeks to introduce some sanity in the online lending...

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