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Ai Art Ruled To Be Ineligible For Copyright In The USA

Since the inception of Gan's-a foundation of generative AI technologies-in 2014 and Google's DeapDream in 2015, AI-generated art has grown to captivate the general public...
Uhuru Kenyatta

President Kenyatta Signs Copyright Amendment Bill 2017 into Law

President Uhuru Kenyatta has signed into the law the Copyright Amendment Bill, 2017. The draft of the bill was developed sometime in 2016 and...

Celebrity Photos: Who Owns the Rights?

This past weekend photographer @simplykech raised a claim against several parties including, musician Octopizzo that his photo (of Octo) was used to promote a...
Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property 101 for Techies

Can I patent my idea? 5 things a techie needs to know about intellectual property.
NTV Kenya Youtube channel

NTV Kenya’s YouTube channel has been terminated

YouTube, the online video behemoth has suspended NTV Kenya's YouTube channel. When you visit their channel, there is a red banner which explains why you...

Oracle Trumps Google in API Copyrighted Case

When Oracle brought an IP case against Google back in 2010 for the use of Java in its Android system, the Search Giant defended...
Twitters Cafe In Kenya. Photographed using Galaxy #s4ZoomKe

When Social Media Strips you of Digital Rights

  Many novice photographers (myself included) do not even know that a photo is usually much more than the visual. Behind any photo, and invisible...

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