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Microsoft is Hitting the Final Nail to Cortana’s Coffin

Remember Cortana? You probably don't use it often and Microsoft is kind of admitting that with a recent change. According to a support article posted...
microsoft adds cortana on android lockscreen

Microsoft Wants You To Use Cortana On The Android Lockscreen

Microsoft, just like any other big tech company has their own virtual assistant, which they named Cortana from a character in the video game,...

Samsung to Seek Comeback from Galaxy Note 7 Fiasco with AI Digital Assistant in Galaxy S8 Smartphone

With a good number of customers who bought its discontinued Galaxy Note 7 already having returned the device, Samsung is looking ahead as it...
Windows 10 November Update

Microsoft’s First Major OS Update Is Here: Windows 10 November Update

The launch of Windows 10 by Microsoft on Jul 29th 2015, initiated a huge shift in the development and deployment of its pervasive operating...

‘Hey Cortana’ Feature Finally Makes it to Android But There’s a Catch

Microsoft is expected to make official its personal assistant, Cortana, on Android, a mobile platform by competitor Google, at some point in the future....

Microsoft Working on App that Will Read News to You

Apple showcased its new News application back at WWDC as it seeks to provide iOS users with a fresh news reading experience. For quite...
Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn These Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts & Boost Your Productivity

Windows is well known for its wide array of keyboard shortcuts. Though many of these stay the same on Windows 10, there are a...

Latest Cortana Beta Update Allows it to Replace Google Now

Cortana, the personal assistant that comes with Windows 10 won't be just restricted to Microsoft's desktop operating system or its mobile equivalent, it will...

Features that Make Windows 10 a Great Upgrade

Windows 10 has been with us for a week now. Well, at least on an official basis since there are at least 5 million...

First Look at Microsoft’s Cortana for Android

Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system will become available at the end of July. Among the most anticipated features of Windows 10 is the global...

Microsoft’s Cortana Coming to Android in July

Google Now has been the preserve of Google's mobile operating system, Android, since it first launched back in 2012. It has largely been unchallenged...
Cortana iOS Android

Cortana will be Available on iOS and Android Devices

At the end of April, Microsoft boldly stated their goal for the adoption of their next operating system: 1 Billion Devices to run Windows...
Lumia 940

Lumia 940, Lumia 940XL: What To Expect With Microsoft’s Next-Gen Flagships

18 Months and counting.. That is how long Microsoft has kept Windows Phone users waiting for a high end device. The current Lumia flagship, the...
Office Coffee

Wrapup: This Week in Tech Briefs

This was quite a busy week and so much happened. Some we covered and some we didn't. In this article we do a...

Microsoft’s Cortana For Android and iOS Coming Soon

Microsoft plans to roll out its  Cortana digital assistant to iOS and Android as a standalone app.  Cortana has been running on Windows phones...
Cortana Europe

Microsoft’s Voice Assistant Cortana Hits Germany, France, Italy And Spain In Preview

Microsoft's voice assistant Cortana has been available for the longest time in the US only and users had to change regional and language settings...

Microsoft unveils its fitness focused wearable “Microsoft Band”

Microsoft today unveiled their first wearable device, the cross platform Microsoft Band. Designed as primarily a fitness device and priced aggressively at $199, the...
Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 brings along updated browser, notifications centre and Cortana

As expected, Microsoft has made official the long-awaited update to its mobile platform by announcing Windows Phone 8.1. The update brings about much needed improvements...

Build 2014: Microsoft’s Cortana AI Still in Beta

Of the many stubborn smartphone apps that users refuse to part with, there is Google Now for Android, Siri for Apple and now Microsoft's...

Cortana, a Personal Digital Assistant That’s Soon to Be on All Windows Phone 8.1 devices

Windows Phone 8.1 update will include a personal assistant code named Cortana. The intelligent software is set to replace Bing on the Windows Phone...

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