Microsoft Wants You To Use Cortana On The Android Lockscreen

microsoft adds cortana on android lockscreen

Microsoft, just like any other big tech company has their own virtual assistant, which they named Cortana from a character in the video game, Halo. Since nowadays Microsoft makes apps for most platforms, they ported the assistant to Android which we previewed here.

Now Microsoft is going a step further in integrating Cortana onto Android by giving you the ability to interact with the virtual assistant on the lockscreen. The lockscreen is usually a place where we get the time and some notifications but Microsoft wants that interaction to be more interesting than that.

This is how Microsoft describes the new update on Android.

We’ve also made updates to the Cortana home on Android, giving you glanceable information about what’s upcoming in your day like your schedule, commute times as well as upcoming reminders and the ability to quickly add reminders and new calendar items to your day. Your lists are also easier to access so you can view, edit and add items quickly.

Also not be forgotten, they’ve also made Cortana available on both Android and iOS in Australia, so it becomes the third market after the US and UK.

This move by Microsoft will definitely challenge the other virtual assistants that are competing for your attention on your mobile device. We have Google Assistant on Android which was made available to everyone recently and on iOS, we have Siri. By placing Cortana on the Android lockscreen in particular, Microsoft is placing it on a vantage point so to increase the probability of an Android user using their assistant.



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