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Lineage OS Just Hit 1 Million Users With OnePlus One Leading in Downloads

LineageOS, the project sprung from the death of CyanogenMod late last year, now has more than one million users (1,056,003 to be exact). The community-driven...

Wileyfox Storm: Making the Hard Case for Cyanogen OS

‘Wily’ is a term that can only be used to describe one animal, the fox whose head is beautifully engraved at the back of...

Cyanogen to Go After Google’s Android One Program with New Affordable Smartphones

Cyanogen made its name as an Android fork. That is to mean that in its early days, it started out as an outlet that...

Samsung Gear S Hacked to Run Android

While all the attention is on Samsung’s upcoming Gear S2 smartwatch which we got a glimpse of during the Unpacked event where the Galaxy...

CyanogenMod SMS integrates Open WhisperSystems’ TextSecure For Secure Text Messages

CyanognenMod clocks 20,000 installs a day and currently includes a user-base of 10 million. Over the past few months, the CyanogenMod team partnered with...

Focal Camera, Formely Exclusive to CyanogenMod, Comes To the Play Store

We are well aware that the direction that Cyanogen has taken has led to new developments like Focal, the new camera app that was...
Oppo Find 5

Oppo N1 Will Be The First Smartphone To Carry Cyanogen’s Forked Android

I have been on the Cyanogen case for a while now and since it won’t be dying down soon, here’s the latest: the first...

Focal Camera app Removed From CyanogenMod, Not Coming Back

Just the other day I was upbeat about the many positive prospects concerning CyanogenMod ROMs going forward now that Cyanogen is a company (Cyanogen...

Cyanogen Team Now Focused on Being A True Android Competitor

If you are a long time user of Android like some of us then you know that the platform we have grown to love...

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