Focal Camera, Formely Exclusive to CyanogenMod, Comes To the Play Store


We are well aware that the direction that Cyanogen has taken has led to new developments like Focal, the new camera app that was exclusive to recent builds of CyanogenMod, moving off the platform. Well, things are happening quickly and Focal is now available on the Google Play Store.

The app is still in beta so you may still find some bugs here and there. It is not the finished thing but will be there soon. I have been using the app on the Galaxy S4 ever since it was first released for the Galaxy S4 and it is flawless. Users of other devices may find some glitches here and there but all should be well going forward. Currently not many devices are supported but it should work just fine on most new high end Android devices.

Focal features among others, PicSphere, an open source implementation of the famed stock Android camera’s Photosphere, a feature that allows one to take 360 degree shots. Panorama mode does not work properly though as of now. Video recording and stills are just fine.

Want to try out a new camera experience? Head over to the Play Store and give it a try.