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How and Where to Purchase a Faiba 4G SIM Card

Faiba is one of the growing mobile operators in Kenya. Just the other day, it revamped its data and voice offerings, and it even...

Faiba 4G Refreshes Data and Voice Offerings With the Lowest Prices in Kenya

Jamii Telecommunications Limited (JTL), which is popularly known as Faiba offers broadband connections to its customers. However, back in 2017, it decided to compete...

State of 4G in Kenya in 2022: Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom, Equitel and Faiba

Telcos globally, in the continent and in the country are switching to 5G. We've even seen 5G devices being launched in Kenya ranging from...

Faiba 4G is Now Available for All Smartphones in Kenya

Faiba has been around for some time now. It offers 4G services at a steal, which is why it is very popular among the...
Faiba4G Modem

Jamii Telecoms Applies for Tier I 4G Spectrum License

A few years ago, Jamii Telecoms entered into the 4G space. Part of that development, which received wide attention in Kenya, was that its plans...
Bob Collymore

Kenya’s Telecoms Competition Recommendations a Fight Against Safaricom (Part II)

In the first part of this piece, I addressed the issue of Safaricom being compelled to share their towers with other Tier 1 telcos...
Bob Collymore, Safaricom CEO

Kenya’s Telecoms Competition Recommendations a Fight Against Safaricom (Part I)

Towards the end of last month, the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) engaged the public in announcing the findings of Analysys Mason's report on the competitive...
Airtel Africa

Airtel Kenya Clears Communication Authority’s 4G License Tab

About a week ago, we reported that there have been several sightings of Airtel 4G across different parts of the country and some customers...
Faiba 4G

Samsung Smartphones to Get Faiba 4G VoLTE Support After Valentine’s

After a colourful launch with a lot of buzz, Faiba 4G has not reached the milestone everyone hoped it would. The service has been...
Faiba 4G

Why This is Faiba’s War to Lose

While JTL's product Faiba 4G is very innovative it's going to be their crazy low-cost pricing that is going to carry the day for them.
Faiba 4G

[UPDATED] Here’s a List of Smartphones That Work On JTL’s Faiba 4G Network

As we all get excited over the coming of Faiba 4G, the excitement might soon fade off for most of us and it's not...
Faiba eSIM

Faiba 4G Goes Live with Free On-Net Calls and Unlimited ‘Fisi Hour’ Data Bundles

Jamii Telecommunications Limited (JTL) has just announced the newest mobile network operator (MNO) in Kenya, Faiba 4G. The journey started earlier this year when...
JTL Faiba 4G

Jamii Telecom to Launch its Mobile Network ‘Faiba Mobile’ in Kenya Today

The telecommunications space in Kenya has seen some interesting times, from the days of Kencell (now Airtel) followed by the numerous ownership and brand changes to...
JTL Faiba 4G

JTL Faiba Wants a Piece of the Kenya Mobile Telco Pie and They are Taking a Big Bite

Over the years, JTL (Jamii Telecommunications Limited) has become synonymous with the words fibre, partly attributed to their "Faiba" trademark, that they aptly use for...

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