Faiba 4G is Now Available for All Smartphones in Kenya


Faiba has been around for some time now. It offers 4G services at a steal, which is why it is very popular among the youth.

However, over its existence, Faiba has only been available for select devices. This meant that you would still buy the SIM card, but if your device didn’t support Faiba frequencies then you would be left out.

This is an issue that has raised issues among customers who, for a long time, have wanted to enjoy 4G services at a cheap.

The latest development from the company is that this will no longer the case.

Word from the company has it that the company is installing B3/1800 MHz infrastructure. It is a radiofrequency that represents more than 48 percent of all 4G networks in the world and has the largest 4G user devices ecosystem with about 65 percent of all LTE smartphones.

To this end, all smartphones sold in the Kenyan market will be able to use Faiba 4G.

However, the installation process is happening in Nairobi for the moment.

Faiba adds that it will be supporting Carrier Aggregation (CA), which basically means that a device can use two or more frequencies for high speeds.

This also means that if you have a CA-capable phone, then your Faiba connection should have a 4G+ symbol at the status bar.

Those who want to test these developments can do so in Nairobi around Hilton and Kilileshwa area.

Lastly, the company has since launched eSIM for KES 150.

‘eSIM is different from the traditional physical SIM card you have on your phone. eSIM or embedded SIM is embedded in your phone that is used to authenticate your identity with your carrier. eSIM has a number of benefits like simpler device setup (no need to replace or insert SIM cards), devices can operate independently and adds a new range of new enhanced mobile-connected devices,’ we wrote in a previous post.


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