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Wangiri Scam calls are back in Kenya

CA Warns Kenyans on Wangiri Scam: Don’t Call Back!

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has warned Kenyans not to call back any international numbers they don’t recognize. Announcing the return of the...

Kenya Leads Africa in Biometric Fraud Attempts

It has emerged that fintech services are becoming even more popular in Africa. This follows an assessment put together by Smile Identity, a firm that...

Buy Now Pay Later Companies Record Increased Fraud Cases

Online fraud attempts increased by 30% in the first half of 2022. This is according to Smile Identity, a pan-African identity verification provider that has...
M-Pesa shop

What We Know About Safaricom’s 0722000000 Con Game, and What the Operator is Doing About It

Alright. People have been subjected to a new con game where fraudsters use Safaricom’s 072200000 line to reach out to customers, and lie about...

Research Firm’s Damning Report See Jumia’s Stock Hit Rock Bottom

A couple of weeks ago, ecommerce giant made headlines by listing in the New York Stock Exchange. It was a big deal because the...
SIM Swap Fraud

22 Suspects Arrested Over Kenya’s Rampant SIM Swap Fraud

Ever since it was brought to the public attention that there are scammers out there swapping people's SIM cards and defrauding them of thousands...
SIM Card

Scam Artists Remotely Swapping SIM Cards to Defraud Kenyans

There's nothing as scary as realizing that you are under attack and there's really nothing you can do about it, this emotional state and...

New Generation Pyramid Schemes and How Not to Get Sucked In

When someone promises you a quick and easy way to get money, our natural instinct as human beings is to jump at the opportunity...

Kenya’s ICT Authority Clouded by a 160 Million Shilllings Fraud

An audit report by Patrick Masika has revealed that senior managers at the ICT Authority colluded with a private bank to steal more than...

Mail fraud on the prowl

Mail fraud has been going on for sometime now. And to some extent the fraudsters are successful. They range from a "stranded pastor" from...