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Google Will No Longer Support Russian-made BQ Smartphones

The largest Russian smartphone manufacturer BQ has suffered a major blow in the current heat of economic war between Asia and the western countries. The comes...
Huawei Harmony OS Connecting a simple life

HarmonyOS Set to Make Universal Connectivity a Reality

Chinese tech giant Huawei has been pretty vocal about their in-built operating system aptly called Harmony OS. The company is now gearing up to...

Huawei P50 Launch Delayed To May, Will Run Exclusively on HarmonyOS

The eagerly awaited Huawei P50 series launch has been delayed to May. Huawei's flagship device in the P series is slated to launch with...
Huawei Y9a screen

Huawei’s HarmonyOS Preview is Out, But it is Just Another Android Fork

Huawei has extensively been talking about its new operating system named HarmonyOS. The platform was announced many months ago, and its existence and development...
HarmonyOS 2.0 Huawei P50 series

Huawei P50 Series Will Reportedly Come With HarmonyOS 2.0 Preinstalled

Huawei recently launched HarmonyOS 2.0 in September this year. The operating system is Huawei's effort to have an alternative operating system to Google's Android. The...
Huawei Y9a popup selfie camera

Huawei’s HarmonyOS Arrives in 2021, List of Eligible Devices

Things have been interesting at Huawei. The technology company, which builds communication equipment and smart devices has been fighting a business ban with US companies....