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Uhuru Kenyatta

President Kenyatta Recommends ICT Practitioners Should Not Be Licensed

The ICT Practitioners Bill that attracted controversy has since been revoked and sent back to the Kenya Parliament for further deliberations. We have since drummed...

President Kenyatta Rejects Highly Disputed ICT Practitioners Bill

A little over a week ago, the Kenya Parliament deliberated on and then proposed to pass the ICT Practitioners Bill. The law has since been...

See What MPs Said In Support Of The Controversial ICT Practitioners Law

The passing of the ICT Practitioners Bill, 2020 has elicited a lot of controversies, and for multiple reasons. One of the primary concerns from...

Parliament Has Passed The Controversial ICT Practitioners Bill

We have examined the ICT Practitioners Bill for an extended period on this platform. The bill has been controversial for multiple reasons. And now,...

ICT Practitioners Bill 2020 Sharply Rejected, Does Not Solve Any Existing Issue

pThe ICT Practitioners Bill has been around since 2016. It has been looked into extensively, and it started receiving new attention in late 2020 after...

Controversial ICT Practitioners Bill Makes an Appearance for 2020

Back in 2016, the document had stated that for an ICT practitioner to register, he/she must be a holder of a degree/diploma in...
Joe Mucheru - USIU

Contentious ICT Practitioners Bill, 2016 Headed Back to Kenya’s Parliament

Sometime in June last year (2016), Kenya’s parliament passed a bill called ICT Practitioners Bill, 2016 which was meant to standardize ICT Practitioners in...