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Apple May Launch 8 GB iPhone 5s in Emerging Markets

Apple just took the wraps off its new iPhones. They’re pricey, as expected and will remain so until the iPhone 7 debuts same time...

Nokia trolls Apple’s new 8GB iPhone 5c

As if the disappointing sales of the iPhone 5c were not enough, Nokia, just decided to add some more pain on Apple's plate; in...

Wells Fargo Analysts Downgrade Apple Stock

Concerns on the declining profit for each sale of the iPhone 6 has resulted in analysts' decision to downgrade Apple stock. Wells Fargo analyst, Maynard...
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Showing Its Colors: The Apple Brand in the Midst of the 5C & 5S

It was only just recently that Apple execs held their press conference announcing the new iPhone 5C and 5S models, a preview of iOS7,...
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Nokia and Microsoft trolling of Apple at an all time high

Handset manufacturers trolling each other isn't something new. We have previously had the famous troll of the UK between Samsung and HTC and then...
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iPhone 5C Cases pre-order confirmation of the cheap iPhone in September?

The iPhone 5C, the cheaper iPhone arrival has been rumoured for quite some time now. Rumours have ranged from leaked photos, absence of Siri...
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Leaked iPhone 5C packaging looks like bread storage container

No seriously, who thinks this looks like it belongs to the prestigious Cupertino company for their next iPhone? Well it is indeed a long...
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27th September could be the day iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C hit the market

The next iPhone is coming within this quarter, whether it will be the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6 is a matter of speculation...