iPhone 5C Cases pre-order confirmation of the cheap iPhone in September?

iPhone 5C cases

iPhone 5C cases

The iPhone 5C, the cheaper iPhone arrival has been rumoured for quite some time now. Rumours have ranged from leaked photos, absence of Siri on the phone, boxes for the phone to photos of the empty chassis of the phone.

Today I have received something that could be an even greater thing to confirmation of the iphone 5C which is expected to be the low cost iphone.

Mobile Fun sent me a link of their preorder page for Zero 3 iPhone 5c Cases by ITSKINS in three colours; black, blue and white. Priced at 18 pounds, the cases are said to be arriving to Mobile Fun but the time frame isn’t specified.

The product images show a design like that of the iPhone 5 but with an edge feel like it could be curved at the back instead of what we have been used to with the iphones from the iPhone 4, the blocky design.