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KRA moves to Government paybill 222222

KRA Adopts the Single Government PayBill for Tax Payment

Kenyans paying taxes via mobile money must from today only use the official government PayBill. Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)  has officially announced. “Taxpayers are...
Airbnb kenyan hosts to have their data shared with KRA

KRA Requests For Kenyan Airbnb Hosts Data In Ongoing Taxation Drive

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has requested Airbnb to provide historical transaction data of Kenyan hosts on its platform. This request, spanning from January...
kra seeks eCitizen data to find tax evaders

Kenyans to be Squeezed More as KRA goes After eCitizen Data

In Kenya’s Medium-term Debt Strategy for the period 2024/25 – 2026/27 Treasury proposed that the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) be exempted from the privacy...
understanding how to get Upwork connects

Upwork Connects and Taxation: What Kenyan Freelancers Need to Know

In the world today, many people choose to work in a freelance capacity. Take it on a gig or two at a time and...
TIMS fraudsters arrested

DCI Bust NTSA TIMS Fraud Network: 11 Suspects Apprehended

A significant breakthrough for Kenyan detectives has led to the apprehension of  11 suspects. The suspects are linked to a high-level motor vehicle registration...
online auction after pilot

KRA Launches Online Auction After Successful Pilot

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has introduced an online auction system, marking a significant shift from the previous physical auction process. This technological advancement is...
iTax System unavailable

iTax System Unavailable on Sunday Evening

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has issued a public notice about an upcoming scheduled maintenance for the iTax System. The maintenance is scheduled to...
KRA RSA door-to-door agents

Taxman Agents Start Door-to-Door Visits to Ensure Tax Compliance

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has deployed 1,400 Revenue Service Assistants (RSA) who will be going door-to-door to ensure tax compliance. The RSA agents are...
KRA to exempt from data protection act

Taxman to be Exempted From Data Protection Act Provisions

Treasury proposes the Data Protection Act of 2019 be amended to give special exemption to the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). The proposed exemptions will...
BCLB seeks to raise funds to fight gambling addiction in Kenya youth through new taxes

BCLB Proposes New Taxes on Betting to Help Fight Gambling Addiction

The Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) has set its sights again on betting firms with two new taxes lined up. BCLB states the...
Digital Assets tax, bitcoin

Digital Assets Tax: Kenya Govt on Verge of Embracing Bitcoin

The draft Finance Bill 2023, is currently the discussion of parliament, and members of the public have been invited to share submissions.  The digital...

Kenyan Betting Firms Choose M-PESA for Real-time Tax Remittances

A few weeks ago, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) updated the media on tax administration in the betting and gaming industry. KRA has since...

KRA Gaming Collections Skyrocket, Surpass KES 15.8B in 2023

Today, taxman the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has given the media an update about tax administration in the betting and gaming industry. The update...

KRA Announces Green Channel Framework to Hasten Refunds

Maximum revenue collection appears to be the top goal of the current government, which has gone to greater lengths in reminding Kenyans that they...

KRA to Integrate Digital Tax System for Telcos

It has been a couple of months ever since the Ruto Government took over Kenya’s administration. There have been many promises, many of which...

Google, Other Global Tech Firms Start Charging 16 Percent VAT in Kenya

As required by the Value Added Tax (Digital Marketplace Supply) (Amendment) Regulations of 2022, global technology companies and firms have begun charging a 16%...

KRA Could Be a Stumbling Block to Safaricom, M-PESA Split

The possibility of splitting Safaricom, Kenya’s leading telco, into separate entities has been a topic of debate among lawmakers and other interested parties. Safaricom's internal...
ETR Machine

KRA Extends Deadline for Tax Invoice Management System Compliance

Last month (July 2022), KRA alerted the public and all VAT-registered taxpayers of the transitioning of VAT-registered taxpayers from the old electronic tax registers...

Flamboyant On Social Media? KRA Will Track You To See If You Are a Tax Cheat

The music is about to be put on pause for Kenyans on social media who portray flashy and lavish lifestyles, as the Kenya Revenue...

Nairobi County Rolls Out Nairobi Revenue System, A Digital Revenue Collection Platform for Traders

The shift to digitization in the country has not always been smooth. We can refer to the case of making payments in Nairobi County: parking...

Google Kenya vs KRA, and Why the Search Giant Wants KES 58.7 Million in Tax Refunds

Many internet corporations conduct their business in Kenya. Facebook, Twitter, Google, name them, all have a base in Kenya because the country is a...

KRA Updates iTax Platform to Reflect New Digital Service Tax

Back in June 2020, President Kenyatta signed the Finance Bill 2020, which introduced amendments for statutes, among many other revisions, for The Income Tax...

KRA’s New Unit Will Track Revenues in Digital Economy

The Kenya Revenue Authority has set up a special unit that will track revenues made in the digital economy as reported by Business Daily. "To ensure...

KRA Gets Nod from The Courts to Snoop into M-PESA and Bank Records for Tax Compliance

Back in October 2018, we learnt that KRA had earmarked mobile money transaction data to boost tax revenues. The plan was to target mobile...

KRA Reminds Online Merchants to Charge and Remit VAT

The Kenya Revenue Authority cautioned traders on online digital places on their practices revolving charging and remitting value-added tax (VAT). "It has come to our...
Gao Feiaa

KRA Charges X-TIGI Business Executive With Tax Evasion Amounting to Near KES 0.2 Billion

Business has been a challenging endevour for a lot of people. While the Kenyan economy is booming, things on the ground are different: tens...

Kenyan Developers Get Vocal on KRA’s Plan to Tax Foreign and Local Revenue Generating Apps

KRA recently announced plans to start demanding tax from apps on downloads. In the announcement, KRA will reportedly work with the Communication Authority of...
kra wants to tax income from apps downloaded in kenya

KRA Seeks to Tax Foreign and Local Revenue Generating Apps

Governments have been catching up trying to cash in on the digital revolution that has been the case for the past decade. Apps have...

KRA Proposes New IT System to Monitor Daily Business Sales

The use of IT services has long been used by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to meet tax targets and identify tax cheats in...

KRA to Crack Down on Some E-commerce and Informal Online Businesses that Don’t Pay Tax

People engage in businesses of all kinds. However, the growth of social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have made it easier...

KRA Clears the Air on Alleged Halt of Filing of Tax Returns

A couple of hours, a local blog pushed a story that alleged that Kenya’s tax collector arm KRA had axed keying in of PAYE...

KRA Starts Mobile Money and Bank Data Corroboration to Nab Tax Cheats

The other day, we learned that the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) was planning to hone it tax-collecting practices by digging into mobile money data....

KRA Earmarks Mobile Money Transaction Data to Boost Tax Volume

The legal framework that governs the boundaries of the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) in terms of how far it should stretch its taxing hand...

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to Disable PINs Missing on iTax by August 31

Doing things at the last minute has become part of our culture; it is inherently Kenyan to try beat a deadline, which often ends...
White Hat Hacking

Companies Are Popularizing White Hat Hacking – And It’s Lucrative

White hat or ethical hacking, which involves the application of penetration methodologies to gauge a company’s IT security and susceptibility to vulnerabilities, is being...

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