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M-Pesa 1 Tap Card

What Happened to Safaricom’s M-Pesa 1Tap?

Four months ago, as M-Pesa was announcing its financials, the company took that opportunity to announce the coming of age of their new M-Pesa solution,...

Safaricom Set to Launch Lipa Na M-Pesa Card as Rumours of a Stand-alone Payments Service Resurface

We rely so much on M-Pesa that the government now sees the service as a liability in the unfortunate case that it goes offline. Since...

Safaricom Scraps M-Pesa Charges for Transactions Below Kshs. 100 with M-Pesa Kadogo

Safaricom has been keen to grow M-Pesa into more than just a mobile money transfer service and in turn growing into a tool for...
lipa na mpesa

Safaricom Conducting Pilot for Lipa na M-Pesa Payments Card

In a move aimed at accelerating payments using Safaricom's Lipa na M-Pesa merchant solution, Safaricom is conducting a pilot for a Lipa na M-Pesa...

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