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Winners of Free #NationHela Card loaded with Kshs 2000 Announced!

We have a winner! No, winners! Now three days ago we offered our readers a chance to win one of two NationHela cards loaded...
NationHela prepay card

Travelling with the NationHela Card

Here in Kenya we have the culture of using cash for most transactions. This is not a sin, others have been here before systems...
paypal moneygram

Another way for Kenya to get money off Paypal, through Moneygram

Getting money off Paypal to either bank or hard cash has been a tussle to many in East Africa and many other parts of...

NationHela international money transfer product launched in Kenya

NationHela is the newest baby from Nation Media group. And it's not a new way of transmitting news to you, but a channel for...