5 Things you need to know about NationHela

NationHela prepay card

NationHela prepay cardNationHela is one of the services available to Kenyans to transfer money both locally and internationally. It’s mainly marketed as an international money transfer for Kenyans abroad to send money to their family back home. For one to send money you do not need the card, but the recipient will need to get one. Here are a few things you might want to know about the card and the service in general.

Where to get one

There are over 200 places you can get a NationHela card in Kenya, these include Diamond Trust bank branches, Nakumatt branches and NationHela agents. You will only need a phone number to associate you with and your Identification document.

Ways to transfer money

You can transfer money either by going directly to the account portal on the NationHela website where you can transfer directly from wallet to wallet. You can also transfer money to a NationHela user by going to mobile money menu and under payments, input 516602 as the NationHela paybill number and the recipient’s number as the account number you wish to transfer to. Basically in this second method, you need to know the NationHela paybill number and their phone number.

Manage your account

To manage your account, you have a selfcare menu accessible by dialing *348# where you will be asked for a PIN, separate from the Card PIN. There you can do various tasks like transfer money to Mpesa, reset PIN, check your balance among others. The PIN is standard when you acquire it but of course you will need to change it.

Card Security

NationHela card has security well catered for, you get instant notifications for transactions on the card. If a card gets lost and someone goes shopping with it, they may be able to make payments if the cashier is not keen on either checking the person’s ID or even comparing the signatures, but if they do you are safe. Otherwise you get text notifications and can tell that your card is in the wrong hands, thus you are able to go to the self-help menu and blocking the card. You can also unblock the card incase you had blocked it and have since found it.

Money Transfer Limits

These are the money transfer limits are as follows. To transfer money online from your card you can do upto USD 500 per transaction while sending money via a bank account has USD 10,000 per transaction .