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Six Year Old Android Gingerbread Shows Signs of Growth in May 2017 Android Distribution Numbers

You read that right, six year old Android 2.3 Gingerbread just hit 1% distribution up from 0.9% last month. How?! As that sinks in, Android Nougat...
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Android Nougat is Just Shy Of 5% in Google’s Android Distribution for April 2017

It's April people. Like for real, and we just hit 5 percent on the ratio scale of Android distribution. Wait, it's actually 4.9 percent. Last...

Android Nougat Slowly Crawling Out of the Incubator in Latest Android Distribution Numbers

The latest Android distribution figures from Google show that Android Nougat has made a few steps forward and is now installed in over 2%...

Twitter Gives Android Users Another Way To Add GIFs Via The Keyboard

The newest version of Android that we have currently is 7.1 Nougat and it added support for sending GIFs directly from the keyboard. It...

Android Has an Emoji Problem and it Has Everything to Do With Slow Updates

There's a way to fix this. It's called "releasing timely updates" but that's probably not happening, sigh!

6-Year Old Android Froyo is Finally Dead, or is it?

Android 2.2.x bites the dust.

Sony Confirms That Only 9 Xperia Devices Will Be Receiving Android Nougat Update

Heartbreak for that vibrant Xperia Z2 fanbase.
Android Nougat

Android N is Now Nougat: People Wanted it to be Nutella so Bad

Immediate user feedback after Google announced the name of the next version of Android points to many disappointed as they wished for Nutella.
Android Nougat

Android N Finally Gets a Name: Nougat

Gutted it's not Nutella.

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