Android 6.0 Gains Marginal Market Share in August Android Platform Distribution Numbers



Android Marshmallow’s market share has marginally improved from 13% last month to 15% this August. This shows little progress in devices receiving an update to the latest version of Android.

The bright side of the latest statistics from Google, however, is that older versions of Android starting with 4.4 KitKat are still sliding downwards.

However, it would be of interest to the whole human race if somebody tracked the 0.1% that are still glued to devices from the Jurassic age and still regularly troop to the Play Store to update their apps or even download new ones and made them understand how their reluctance to move on is a threat to world peace. Honestly, though, who are these people? What are they doing? It’s been 5 years since Froyo was a thing for heaven’s sake! Move on.


We’re nearing the eventual release of Android 7.0 Nougat and the furthest we can hope Marshmallow will have managed to go is probably a quarter way (25% market share). Sad! *Donald Trump voice*