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microsoft office 2019

Office 2019 Won’t Support Older Versions of Windows

Microsoft wants you to upgrade your Windows to support the upcoming Office 2019
Microsoft Office

Microsoft Updates Word, PowerPoint and Outlook With Several Key Features

Writing research papers is going to be much easier thanks to this update.
microsoft and linked in

See this Hilariously Plausible Visualization of LinkedIn Under Microsoft

Microsoft, the giant tech company made headlines yesterday when they announced that they have bought LinkedIn for $26.2 billion in cash! It made sense...

Collaborative Comments Come to Google Docs, Slides and Sheets on Mobile Platforms

One of the advantages of using Google Apps and other services like Microsoft Office Online is the ability to work on documents, spreadsheets and...
Microsoft Office Specialist World Championships

Microsoft Office Specialist World Championships For Students Starts In Kenya

Microsoft East Africa today announced the start of the East African regional qualifications rounds of the 2016 Microsoft Office Specialist World Championships (MOC). This...

Microsoft’s Word, PowerPoint and Excel Finally Come to Android

Slightly over a month after it introduced them as a preview on smartphones, Microsoft has made official its Office suite of Word, PowerPoint and...

Microsoft Office Preview Comes to Android Smartphones

Microsoft has been running a preview of Office applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Android tablets for a while now. All along, Android...

Windows 10: A Bold New Direction For Microsoft

On September 30th 2014, Microsoft unveiled its vision for its next generation operating system. Yesterday in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft updated this vision with a...

Microsoft Lumia 535 Full Review: The New Standard for Affordable Smartphones

Though all the glamour of smartphone interest is primarily directed to the gleaming high end devices, it is increasingly clear that the market segment...
Office 365

Microsoft to Release Office for Android Touch Ahead Of Windows Tablets Version

As found out by The Verge, Microsoft is calling out for Android tablet users to Beta test the Office Touch for Android pre-release on...
Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Mobile is now free on Android and iOS

Microsoft's Office suite has been available on its Windows Phone devices ever since they came to the market and just last year came to...

Office Mobile for Android now available in East Africa

Remember  a few months ago Microsoft introduced its Office suite on Android? At that point in time while it was announced for the whole...
Smartphones for business

Has the mobile phone evolved to be the standalone business tool yet?

Mobile phones in business have reached impressive new levels of practicality. Internal and external communications have been revolutionized in forward thinking businesses; information and...

Microsoft trains SME Supamamas on Office Business tools

Microsoft on Friday 22nd held a workshop with over 70 business women who run SMEs at Serena Hotel Nairobi. The workshop tackled the tools...
Microsoft Office 365

Reasons why an SME needs Office 365 as an office solution

Managing an office is quite a task, mostly the hurdles one gets are lack of adequate labour and resources. That's why it's important to...

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